Stay safe this BBQ Season, Switch to Bristle-Free Brushes

We unfortunately see the headlines each year of children and adults visiting the hospital after accidentally swallowing wire bristles from BBQ brushes. It’s the last thing most people would think of but after seeing yet another headline it seems a good time to highlight a simple step that can avoid this problem altogether.

Bristle Free BBQ Brushes

In order to address the concerns many people have about this problem a new type of BBQ brush has been developed called the bristle free brush. These brushes are generally made from one or two single wires twisted into the a shape that will bend and morph to scrape the grills clean without much hassle. Not only are they safer but many people find them more effective as well.

BBQ Brush Bristle Free

Wooden Scrapers

Another great option is the wooden scraper. To use these the grill is heated up and the edge of the scraper is pushed along the grill to score it to the shape of your grills, then simply push it along the grills to clean them up. A great solution that smells nice too as it’s cleaning!

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