Summer Chimney Sweep?

We often get asked when the best time is to clean a fireplace or get a chimney sweep. Although most of our customers get their wood (or pellet) fireplaces cleaned in the fall or winter, believe it or not, Spring and Summer are probably better.

A chimney sweep (or pellet cleaning) essentially removes creosote, ash, and other wood particles and debris from a wood stove or fireplace. If the system is cleaned at the end of the burning season, it remains clean for the spring, summer and fall months when downdrafts can (are most likely) to occur. In other words, as cold air falls down a chimney stack (more common in warmer months), if the system is not clean, its more likely that airborne particles enter a home. Why are downdrafts more likely in warmer months? Well, although there can be other contributing factors (negative pressure, wind, etc…), downdrafts are often created by the temperature difference from the inside and outside of a chimney. In warmer months, there is not as much temperature difference between the inside air of a chimney and the outside air – increasing the possibility of downdrafts.

But I have an ‘air tight’ wood burning stove or fireplace?

Although they are called air tight appliances, they are not air tight. Even the highest quality wood stove or fireplace leaks air.

Other benefits of a chimney sweep in the warmer months include cost savings (off season for fireplace companies), safer for the technicians, and because its not as busy – easier and more flexible to schedule.

Although we don’t tend to think about heating appliances and chimney sweeps in the summer months, maybe reconsider. As a friend in the air conditioning business told me – the best time to buy an air conditioner is in the winter!

Wood is Good – Happy Safe Burning.

Other Frequently Asked Chimney Sweeping Questions


Who is best to clean a wood chimney?

Friendly Fires recommends companies who regularly install wood (or pellet) appliances are the best at cleaning chimneys and wood fireplaces – as long as they use Full Time Employees.  Many companies simply sub-contract their technicians.


Should my chimney sweep be WETT Certified?

Yes, we recommend WETT Certified Chimney Sweeps. At Friendly Fires, because we use full time fireplace installers, all our wood chimney sweeps are WETT certified.

Where does Friendly Fires Chimney Sweep?

You can view our complete fireplace service area listing under ‘Services‘ – but as a summary, we will chimney sweep within 1 hours of any of our store locations, including but not limited to: Almonte / Amherstview / Apsley / Arden / Arnprior / Athens / Bailieboro / Baltimore / Bath / Battersea / Bethany / Bewdley / Bobcaygeon / Bridgenorth / Brighton / Brockville / Buckhorn / Campbellcroft / Campbellford / Carleton Place / Cavan / Kawartha Lakes / Cobourg / Coe Hill / Colborne / Douro / Elgin / Ennismore / Fraserville / Gananoque / Glenburnie / Harrowsmith / Hastings / Havelock / Inverary / Kingston / Lakefield / Lansdowne / Lindsay / Little Britain / Lombardy / Lyndhurst / Mallorytown / Millbrook / Norwood / Omemee / Packenham / Perth / Perth Road / Peterborough / Plum Hollow / Port Hope / Roseneath / Smiths Falls / Sydenham / Tamworth / Trent Hills / Trent River / Trenton / Verona / Warkworth / Warsaw / Wellington / Westport / Westwood / Wilberforce / Wolfe Island / Woodview / Yarker / Youngs Point

How can I get the best price chimney sweep?

Two ways: If you are an existing Friendly Fires customer and if you get your system cleaned in the off season (or summer months), you will get the best priced chimney sweep available.


I would like to clean my own chimney

No problem – just ensure you have the right products to do so.  Friendly Fires has chimney brushes and roads in all sizes for all applications in stock at any of our stores.


Do chimney caps make sense?

If your wood system does not already have a cap, Friendly Fires does recommend chimney caps in order to improve draft and help prevent critters and rain from entering the system.  All Friendly Fires locations stock lock top dampers, universal chimney caps as well as high quality stainless steel chimney caps that will never rust.

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