Summer Update

Summer has finally arrived – and time for another seasonal update.  What’s new with the Team at Friendly Fires?

We’ve been trying out some new products.  Our Kingston team has been cooking on an outdoor wood fired pizza oven with incredible success.  Food is so amazing we sometimes wonder why there isn’t one in every backyard (until we look at the price, and then we understand).  In addition, our team has been trying out the new Black Olive grill from Enviro (we have 2 burn units and our staff has been sharing one at their homes).  The pellet fuel adds a level of convenience when compared to charcoal.  So far, so good,  Our meals have been great.  Let’s make sure the reliability is there as well (and so far, it is).

As an aside, whenever we get get something new our team of 30+ take turns playing with them to ensure we only represent quality – as brochures have been known to ‘exaggerate’ the truth at times.

As well as obvious BBQing updates (upcoming BBQ competition anyone?), the Premiere of Ontario dropped by our Cobourg store last week – that was neat.  The only downfall was that we had to lock our doors during her visit for ‘security reasons.’  And, locking doors of a retail location during business hours is typically not great for business.

We’ve also had some great employee events.  We just finished a Friendly Fires bass fishing tournament (congrats John), some great charity causes (such as Walk a Mile in Her Shoes), we have 2 Friendly Fires soccer teams, have received from very flattering customer reviews, and we are going full steam ahead on our weekly BBQ classes.

To top it off, Friendly Fires was profiled in a National Fireplace magazine.  What a great start to this summer.  Let’s hope it does not end (except for fireplace season of course)!

Thanks for reading.

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