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Pellet Stove – Cleaning (HearthStone Pellet Stove)

This video shows how to clean a HearthStone pellet stove. Although all pellet stoves are different, it is still very good in some of the information and steps it goes through.

Pellet Stove Igniter Replacement

Replacing igniters in pellet stoves can be similar or very different depending on the brands. This video shows how to replace the igniter on an enviro M55 pellet stove.

Pellet Stove Weekly Cleaning (Part 1)

This video shows the pellet stove weekly cleaning required for an M55 pellet stove. For part 2 of this video, please visit our You Tube page.

Pellet Stove Daily Maintenance

Pellet appliances require daily, weekly and monthly cleaning and maintenance (pellet stove daily maintenance). This video shows some daily activities for an M55 pellet stove.

Pellet Stove Combustion Blower (Exhaust Blower)

This video shows how a pellet stove combustion blower (pellet stove exhaust blower) can be removed and replaced from a pellet appliance.

Pellet Stove Auger Assembly

This video shows an example on how to remove a capacitor as well as a pellet stove auger motor.

Pellet Stove Agitator Motor Removal

This video shows how to remove the agitator motor of an Enviro M55 pellet stove (pellet stove agitator motor removal).

Pellet Stove Agitator Motor Re-Assembly

This video shows how to replace an agitator motor on a pellet stove (Enviro M55 pellet stove agitator motor replacement). Not all pellet stoves have agitator motors – check your manual to see if this video applies to your stove.

Pellet Stove Auger Replacement

This video shows how to replace a pellet stove auger motor (pellet stove auger replacement). In this video, an Enviro M55 was used.


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Pellet Stove Convection Fan (Pellet Stove Hot Air Fan)

Pellet stoves require regular maintenance. Replacing a pellet stove convection fan is a normal process for pellet appliances. This video shows how a fan is replaced on an Enviro M55 Pellet Stove.