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Gas Fireplace – Valor Remote (Initiating)

When changing the batteries on a gas fireplace remote or Valor Remote Control (or other gas fireplace remote control), it is often required to initiative the remote and receiver. This video shows how to initiate a gas fireplace remote and receiver box.

Gas Fireplace – Valor Remote (Operating Modes)

This video shows the different operating modes available from the new Valor Fireplace remote control.

Gas Fireplace – Valor Remote – Turn Fireplace On & Off

This video shows how to turn a fireplace on and off from a remote. Specifically, it is the GV60 Remote from Maxitrol commonly found on Valor fireplaces.

Gas Fireplace Lighting A Pilot Light (Standing Pilot 2)

This video shows how a pilot light can be turned on from a gas insert in the Friendly Fires showroom.

Gas Fireplace Lighting A Pilot Light (Standing Pilot 1)

This video by Napoleon Fireplaces shows how to light a pilot light with a standing pilot fireplace.