We were happy with the installation crew

Hi Eric,

When I was in on Friday to get the grill, you mentioned that you would like to have a couple of photos of the finished fireplace we put in from you guys in February 2017.  Here are three photos, one from each side and a close-up.  We were happy with the installation crew, and when the fireplace had an issue with the fan sensor, you took care of it right away and the fireplace has worked perfectly ever since.  Matt did a great job on the masonry and we would gladly recommend him.

Since Friday, we’ve cooked 7 meals on the Primo.  None were scorched although one of my steaks was more medium than medium-rare, but with the sear, it was still tender and juicy.  We don’t find the wait too long at all.  Now just looking forward to actually smoking something on it.  At this point, it looks like the Primo will be our go-to grill:  the smoke adds something that a gas grill just can’t touch.  Thanks for the recommendation and the time you took to show me how to use it.


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