Attn: Mgr Alex Soubliere

Greetings from two of your very satisfied customers who are currently sitting in front of one of your Friendly Fires (Enviro Westport) in a clifftop cottage overlooking Lake Ontario.
When we decided to replace our airtight wood stove with a propane unit, we took time to do our homework. We visited four dealers: in Bowmanville, Newcastle, Peterborough and finally … Friendly Fires.
We were greeted there by Ms Hayley Doyle and in the course of our interview, were given far more specific and useful information about models suitable for our installation than we had received at all the other locations put together. Pros and cons were discussed and costs clearly presented. Range of stock was impressive.
Subsequently your Jeff your installer did an efficient survey of our cottage (which had some installation quirks to solve). His solution was excellent … in practicality and for best appearance. The actual installation (which included a cheerful removal of the heavy old stove) … was carried out with old-style professionalism and courtesy by Jeffrey and Bobby. A follow-up call from Hayley was appreciated.
From the moment we strolled into your Hwy 7 store we were impressed with the stock you have and with the friendly professionalism and expertise of the staff who worked with us. We have a long experience of home-owning in Toronto and cottaging at Bond Head, so we recognize and appreciate good service. Four stars for Friendly Fires!
Thank you.

Donnalu Gunn
Letter dated Sept 29/10

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