Thanksgiving Dinner on the Grill

Did you know that you can create your entire Thanksgiving feast right on your grill? From soup to turkey, and even dessert your trusty charcoal, gas or pellet grill has got you covered.

For the easiest and most flavourful turkey we recommend smoking your turkey on a pellet grill, such as the Louisiana Grills 800 featured below.

Fantastic Grilled Thanksgiving Recipes to Explore

Before we get started I just wanted to bring your attention to a few of our favourite recipes we’ve shared before.

Spatchcock Turkey

For those willing to try something new we also have a fantastic Spatchcock (flattened) Turkey recipe your family will love.

Spatchcock Turkey -

Read on for recipes including Roasted Turkey and beyond!

Roasted Turkey

This charcoal-roasted turkey is destined to be the star of your Thanksgiving barbecue dinner. Even if your charcoal grill lacks a rotisserie rod, you can still prepare this mouthwatering dish. This recipe enhances the natural flavor of turkey with a medley of sage, thyme, orange zest, and butter. Whether you have a charcoal BBQ or gas grill, you can roast this delightful turkey on the cooking grids. To infuse a hint of smoky goodness, consider adding wood chips or chunks.

Interested in trying this turkey recipe for your Thanksgiving celebration? Find the full instructions here!

Smoked Turkey Thighs

Opting for turkey thighs for Thanksgiving has its perks – they are easy to portion, and there’s no need for carving. Plus, turkey thighs boast rich, natural flavors, thanks to their proximity to the bone. In this recipe, we enhance the savory goodness of turkey thighs with aromatic spices like rosemary, sage, and thyme. We take it up a notch by infusing the turkey with applewood chips for a sweet yet smoky aroma.

Ready to give this turkey thigh recipe a whirl? Check out this page for detailed instructions!

Smoked French Onion Soup

The robust flavor of this hearty soup comes from the smoked and roasted marrow of beef bones, which is then used to create a delectable broth. When you add caramelized onions to the mix, you get a smoky, savory soup with a hint of sweetness.

Interested in serving up this delicious onion soup for your Thanksgiving dinner? Discover the full recipe here!

Vegan Stuffed Acorn Squash

Expecting vegan guests? Impress them (and everyone else) with the scrumptiousness of a vegan Thanksgiving dish. In this recipe, we pair the fragrant goodness of roasted acorn squash with quinoa and an array of aromatic vegetables. It not only adds a burst of color to your table but also introduces something new and delightful for everyone to savor.

Ready to serve up vegan stuffed acorn squash at your Thanksgiving feast? Find the full recipe on this page!

Beef & Stout Pies with Caramelized Onions & Mushrooms

Few things warm the belly like a beef and stout pie. Crispy on the outside, savory and saucy on the inside – this timeless dish is a welcome addition to your Thanksgiving barbecue. In this recipe, we highlight the natural flavors of beef with stout beer, beef stock, mushrooms, and an assortment of spices. Then, we encase it all in individual little pies, ready to be savored.

Does this delectable beef and stout pie tickle your taste buds? Head over to this page for step-by-step instructions!

Plank Smoked Mashed Potatoes

As you’ve perused this list, you might have wondered when mashed potatoes would make an appearance. Well, here they are, smokier and more delectable than ever. In this recipe, we use grill-roasted garlic, green onions, dried dill, and butter to enhance the potato’s delightful flavor. We take it up a notch by smoking scoops of mashed potatoes on the plank. If you haven’t tried this dish before, it might become your new favorite way to serve mashed potatoes.

Ready to serve plank smoked mashed potatoes for your Thanksgiving barbecue? Find the full recipe on this page!

Grill Baked Corn Muffins

Much like turkey, corn muffins are a Thanksgiving staple. Surprisingly, you can achieve perfect pastries on the grill with the right recipe and instructions. Cornmeal, eggs, milk, butter, and sugar are the standard ingredients in this corn muffin recipe. To elevate the flavor and texture, we add Greek yogurt and honey. The result? Delicious morsels that everyone will crave.

Eager to try this grilled baked corn muffins recipe? Head to this page for complete instructions!

Plank Baked Apple Crisp

Honeycrisp apples are known for their exceptional sweetness and aroma. In this recipe, we complement their natural apple goodness with a blend of oatmeal, nutmeg, cinnamon, sugar, and butter. Once grilled and topped with ice cream, it all comes together in a dessert that’s like an autumn symphony.

Ready to savor this delightful dessert at your Thanksgiving dinner? Discover the full recipe here!

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