Victoria Day BBQ Recipes and Preparation

After another long winter summer is finally beginning! The Victoria Day long weekend is the signal for Canadians across the land to get ready, set, grill! We here at Friendly Fires want to help you get your party started right so we’ve prepared this post of Victoria Day BBQ Recipes and Preparation Tips & Tricks.

Victoria Day BBQ

Get your Grill Cleaned Up

The most important item on the menu is to get your grill in tip-top shape and ready for the season.

  • Make sure your grill is clean inside and out.
  • Inspect all hoses and feed tubes for your gas grills.
  • Do a complete leak test of the grill.
  • Check all ignition parts.

We’ve done a complete write up in this post to guide you through all of these steps:

Repair Your Grill

While going through the above steps you may have found some parts that need replacing. Some of the more common items that need replacing on gas grills are ignitors burners, cooking grills, grease trays, and sear plates.

Pellet Grills may need auger parts, fans, control boards. See our Green Mountain Grills Replacement Parts page for a full list of the items we stock.

Charcoal Grills may fire grates, thermometers, gasket tape, lid hinges, etc. See our Primo Grills Replacement Parts Page for a complete list.

Friendly Fires stocks a wide range of replacement parts for Napoleon, Weber, Jackson Grills, Primo Grills, Black Olive, Green Mountain Grills, and Ooni Pizza Ovens.

View all of our BBQ Replacement Parts parts here: BBQ Replacement Parts.

Get a New Grill!

It may be the case that your old grill has had it’s day and it’s finally time to get a new high quality, long-lasting grill. If that is the case then come on down to your nearest Friendly Fires showroom and one of our highly knowledgeable sales staff will be happy to help you find the perfect grill.

If you don’t live nearby you can also buy your grill online and have it shipped directly to your home.

Victoria Day BBQ Recipes and Preparation Louisiana Grills Charcoal Grill
Louisiana Grills – Ambiance Edition 25″ Kamado Charcoal Grill

You have your choice of a range of grills: the quick heat and ease of use of Natural Gas & Propane Grills; the smokey goodness of Charcoal Grills; or maybe the new(ish) kid on the block, the Pellet Grill. Ease of use and real wood smoked flavour, if you haven’t seen these you really need to check them out.

Also, don’t forget about the exciting range of Outdoor Pizza Ovens, they’re not just for Pizza you know, although they do make out of this world pizzeria grade pizza. From portables to full-sized ovens we’ve got you covered.

If you’re interested in learning more about Pizza Ovens see our definitive guide.

Get Your Firepit or Fire Table cleaned up and Ready

Although the days will be warm it’s likely to get a bit cooler in the evening. Fire pits and Fire Tables are the perfect place to gather once the sun goes down.

See our post on choosing a wood burning firepit for firepit maintenance tips to keep your firepit in shape for years to come. If you don’t have a fire table see our post on fire tables and how they make the perfect gathering place.

Organize Your Menu – A Selection of Mouth Watering Recipes.

Where's the Beef! Victoria Day BBQ Recipes and Preparation

Smoked Short Ribs

This is a killer recipe for smoked short ribs. These can be done on a Pellet or Charcoal Smoker, or on a gas grill with a Smoker Box like the Jackson Grills Smoker Box.

View the full recipe here:

Beef Tenderloin Au Poivre 

Give your beef a touch of class with this outstanding twist on Beef Tenderloin.

View the full recipe here:

Sweet Sriracha Honey Lime Drumsticks

Drumsticks are always a favourite. Try this exciting recipe for a taste sensation – sweet, spicy, and tangy!

How to Perfectly Grill Chicken Thighs Every Time

Learn the secrets of juicy chicken that’ll leave your guests speechless. Plus some great ideas for leftovers (on the off-chance that you have some!)

Need More Ideas?

For more exciting recipes check out our full list of recipes on our blog BBQ Recipes.

Happy Victoria Day!

Victoria Day BBQ Recipes and Preparation Victoria Day

We hope you enjoyed this post of Victoria Day BBQ Recipes and Preparation. Let us know what you ended up putting on the grill! If you have any suggestions or recipes you’d like to see please leave us a comment below.

Wherever you are and whatever you’re eating we wish you a happy and enjoyable Victoria Day with family and friends!

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