Why Jackson Grills Make Great BBQs!

Grilling season is just around the corner and it’s time to start thinking about your next BBQ.

Maybe this time you want a BBQ that’s going to last? Maybe this time you don’t want to buy a new BBQ every 3-5 years?  Maybe this time you want to buy a BBQ from a Canadian company that will be with you for years to come?  This time knock it out of the park with the Jackson Grills LUX series of gas BBQs!

Jackson Grills?

Jackson Grills LUX SeriesNot as well known in the BBQ world, Jackson Grills have been steadily building a reputation as one of the best built BBQs around.  Made from solid stainless steel throughout, the LUX series last.  And did we mention they heat up to 500 degrees in six minutes?  Perfect for our climate!

This isn’t just marketing hype either, one of our staff members recently purchased a LUX and she couldn’t believe how quickly it got to temperature and how steadily it held it.

“It’s a hot little puppy, 500 degrees in 5 or 6 minutes for sure.  It’s also so easy to clean, I can do a complete clean, including the burners, in less than 20 minutes.  Amazing value for the dollar.”

Fantastic Features

The entire LUX series is loaded with outstanding features including:

  • Included rotisserie system with infrared rear burner
  • Heavy stainless steel grill rods for excellent heat retention and penetration
  • Handy BBQ flexible armed grill light
  • Easy to maintain front-loaded grease management system
  • Heavy duty stainless steel construction throughout

Readily Available!

If you’ve already started looking for a grill, or were unable to get one last year, you’ll know how frustrating it is to find the grill you want and be told you’ll have to wait weeks to receive it.  That’s not the case with Jackson Grills, we have stock ready for you to come in and pickup today!

Jackson Grills LUX 400 BBQ

Jackson Grills LUX 550 BBQ

Jackson Grills LUX 700 BBQ

Looking for something smaller?

For those looking to cook on the go the Jackson Grills VERSA line of portable grills are hard to beat.  Bring them to the campsite, the job site, they can even attach to your boat!

Jackson Grills VERSA Stainless Steel Portable Grills

Jackson Grills VERSA Stainless Steel Portable Grills

If you have any questions please visit any of our five locations or contact us via phone or online and we’d be happy to discuss your grilling needs!

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