You can’t touch this!

When I joined the fireplace industry I was amazed as to how many Canadians primarily heat their homes with wood.  Coming from the city I was used to the open brick fireplace that actually removes heat from a home – and I was not familiar with new efficient wood burning appliances.

I soon learned that these Canadians heat with wood because its the only sustainable carbon neutral way to heat a home (yes – wood burning IS the most environmentally friendly solution), the warm radiant heat produced by a wood appliance is unlike any furnace,  but most importantly – heating with wood saves thousands of dollars on annual heating costs.  What would you do with tens of thousands of spare dollars when you retire?

These are the main benefits typically associated with heating with wood.  Last winter however, another important benefit surfaced:  As certain propane suppliers ran out of fuel, some homes who did not have a wood (or pellet) burning appliance did not have heat.  It never occurred to me  that if you heat with wood – you will never run out of fuel.  This does not seem that important until power outages start occurring (most furnaces don’t work if there’s no hydro) or if fuel suppliers (propane / oil / natural gas…) can’t supply for some reason or another – as what happened last winter.  What about nuclear?  It sounds great until a quick Google search reveals how competent the Government has been at managing these types of projects.  What would the Government do with tens of billions of dollars had it not been wasted?

Wood burning is good for the environment, very safe, allows home owners to save thousands of dollars on their heating bills, and now – provides peace of mind that their home will remain warm and cozy forever – no matter how mismanaged the large utility or fossil fuel companies are.

In future blogs we will discuss these benefits but for now – rest assured….

“You can take my propane, you can take my electricity, but you can never take my wood!”  Braveheart movie anyone?

Keep warm – with wood!

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